Summer Momiform Staples {5 Favs}

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love love LOVE Laura’s series on Style and the Stay At Home Mom. From what I gather, Laura’s interest in SAHM style has something to do with her being a self-sacrificing Mom of two who has devoted herself so completely to her home and family that she has never had time for thoughts of fashion.  Me?  Well, I’m just shallow and materialistic and I need to make time for more important things.  I think about this a lot, yo.  Too much.  Anyway, I thought maybe I’d put my obsession to good use for you selfless Saints of Mommies who just don’t know where to begin but who want to feel better about the image you project.

So without further ado, I give you my summer momiform staples.

Ok, a little more ado.  Something I’ve found (and this is rocket science here so hold on to your yoga pants) is that a big part of the process of building a wardrobe that you love and that works for you is knowing your personal style.  This takes a while to do.  First you have to gather inspiration. Maybe seek out a style icon(s); someone who always looks or looked the way you want to look.  Perhaps you’ve already picked up on who mine is.

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You have to figure out which styles and colors flatter you.  You have to try stuff on (some of my sisters refuse to believe me on this one). You have to figure out how to balance outfits.  I really like Rachel’s 3 piece rule: two basics with a fun third statement piece.  For example, pants, a top and a scarf or shorts, tee and statement necklace.

Anyway, for me, I try to stay simple with splashes of elegant, a’la Princess Grace.  No, lace dresses are not appropriate for my state in life right now, but I can accomplish the same vibe in a stay at home mom way.

And that brings me to my 5 summer staples.  Finally!

1. Tee shirts.  

I’ve finally accepted and embraced the fact that if I wear tee shirts, they need to be v-neck.  I don’t have the most defined waistline so I need a little optical illusion help! So find what works for you.  I have this striped Gap v neck tee and I also have it in white and solid navy blue.  I also have a different gap v neck tee in gray.  They’re my basics.  And on the topic of white tee shirts, I think you need to buy a new one each summer.  Yes they get yellow at the pits.  You can do some things to remedy the situation and get them to last all season but when the season is over, they’re basically over.  Know what I mean?  Shop the sales so you don’t feel so guilty about this.

2. Shorts.

I’m blowing you away so far, huh?  I have this pair of shorts from Gap, as well as a pair of coral pink bermuda’s and light pink shorts that are several years old from the Loft.  Oh, and I have a khaki shorts from Gap that are 6 or 7 years old.  I honestly don’t obsess much about shorts.  My requirements are that they can’t be inappropriately short and that they should preferably be fun colors.  My tops are generally neutral colors, so the shorts can and should be more fun.  But   unlike with my jeans, I’m not worried about the Mom-butt situation in my shorts.  I don’t want my shorts to be too tight; they should be light and comfy so as to fulfill their job of being hot weather appropriate!  Maybe my McSisters will point out my folly on this next month at our family reunion…

3. Flip flops for every day, espadrilles/wedges for night/special occasions.

Yes, we all wish we had your life wardrobe Classy Girls chicks…

I have a normal schleppy pair of flip flops that I wear most days and I have a cheap pair of cheap Target strappy fake leather flip flops for when I want to be a little nicer looking.  I love Katrina’s Bass sandals in her 5 Favorites post!  They unfortunately wouldn’t work for me though because I have super wide feet. 🙁 This is part of the process though folks: know thyself.  I finally picked up a pair of espadrilles after hemming and hawing and wanting some wedges and not wanting to pay the price.  I got these on super sale in simple brown leather (they ended up being less that $20) and I love them because they’re neutral and they make my legs look… better.

4. Respectable bathing suit & Cover-up

Sigh. Nobody likes this.  It’s like voting in Massachusetts.  You’re never going to win (sorry, it’s just fresh in my mind). I got the above gray suit at Target because I didn’t hate what I saw in the mirror when I tried it on.  I didn’t love it, but I didn’t feel sick to my stomach.  It’ll do for this summer.  Most likely next summer I’ll have a new host issues to tackle in the bathing suit department.  Guys don’t understand this, do they?  They wear the same lame swim trunks every year and there’s no drama.  If only they knew… Anyway, make sure you get a cute cover up too and maybe even a fabulous sun hat.  I got a hat this year to bring to the beach in August and SK thinks it’s hysterical.

5.  My special little thing: a pretty white shirt.

My summer staple to trump all summer staples is a pretty white top.  This is kinda my thing and I look forward to it every year.  It’s how I get my Grace Kelly elegant on.  This year I got the above top from Old Navy and it has served me very well so far (you can see me wearing it here).  I just love how you can dress it up or down.  I can wear it with a skirt and my new espadrilles and be ready for a date or I can wear it with jeans or shorts and cute earrings and look pulled together for playgroup.  Again, though, this is my thing.  It might not work for you.  You have to figure out what your thing is, and before you do that, you have to figure out your personal style.

Welp, that’s my two cents for all it’s worth (hint, it’s not worth two cents). If you haven’t already, check out Laura’s very helpful, very comprehensive series on Style and The Stay At Home Mom.  She also has lots of links to other helpful websites.  And if for some crazy reason you’re not on pinterest, get on pinterest!  It’ll help you find inspiration if you’re still figuring out your personal style.  Here’s my pinterest clothes board.

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9 thoughts on “Summer Momiform Staples {5 Favs}

  1. Confession: I love reading posts about people's wardrobe staples! And Grace Kelly is one of my fav actresses ever. Her style is amazing. I agree about fun colored shorts, and that ON eyelet top is too cute!

  2. Oh my, I'm really blushing now. I am not so selfless as to never think about fashion . . . I just tended to look that way, b/c I never thought about it strategically. And since I"m thinking about it strategically, why not write about it? In fact one of the reasons I started blogging was b/c it seemed more productive than my existing hobby of online (window) shopping . . . and now I blog about online shopping. ;-P . . . I love your picks! Tee-shirt and shorts: it seems so simple. But you have to give it some thought b/c if you go shopping without a plan you can wind up with a bunch of cute party dresses and heels, and then have nothing presentable for everyday. I could go on and on . . . Love your picks, and Thanks for the shout-out!

    • I know, tee shirt and shorts is nothing too special, but it can be if you put a little thought into it! And lets be honest, that's what works for moms in the summer time. I guess I try for not too fussy in my momiform but not frumpy at the same time. Thanks for stopping in, Laura 🙂

  3. Spot on! I need to go shorts shopping this weekend- the only ones I can squeeeeeze into aren't really doing me any favors, and I need something to keep cool in that is presentable!

    • Go to Old Navy! They always have LOADS of options in the shorts department, lots of different lengths and colors and cuts, etc. And they're cheap, of course. I got a pair of transitional shorts there last summer that I completely depended on in my soft postpartum state. And thank the good Lord they're too big this year!

  4. Love that white blouse! (Although I don't think I could make it work with my 1940s-esque "look" and keep it nursing friendly–knowing thyself here…) Great post!

    • Thanks Juliana 🙂 Yes, nursing adds a whole new level of challenge, doesn't it? It's awesome that you have your look figured out!

  5. I love that Lacey white dress even though it doesn't look that futuristic design but still it looks very simple and elegant. no wonder designs like that always come and go. They never go out of the fashion world and that classy girl look, that style is what i always love to wear for those hippy and casual activities i do because its very comfy. Nothing beats with those that makes you comfortable no matter what you are into.

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