Mouthy Mondays — Blast from the Past

When the boys were little, Brandon started a note on Facebook called “Conversations with the Boys” to record the cute things they said.  I am SO glad he did, because I’m terrible at writing those things down, let alone remember them!  Here’s a sample of some of their best:

Joey:  When you see a guy you don’t know you should call him “dude” or “man.”  That’s the polite thing to do.


Joey: [Watching a PBS Christmas program] “Who’s that?”

Me:   “Andrea Bocelli.  He’s blind.”

Joey: “Wow.  And he can still sing!”


Jack:  “‘Ted has a hat.  Ted wears his hat.  Ed takes Ted’s hat.  Ted is sad.'”

Joey:  “Read it again, Jack.  I love this story.”


Jack: “I just hit my head so hard that I can taste my brain in my mouth.”


Joey:  “Mom, can I have a drink of soda.?”

Jane:  “Finish your milk first, Joey.”

Joey:  “Mom, I can’t drink that milk because it tastes like fart.”


Oh, my.  I’m laughing so hard after reading these again!  You may notice that Joey is our resident wise-guy, and has been since a very young age.  That “fart” comment, for example, was made when he was three years old.  It is made even funnier by the fact that that word is “eskimo” around here, and although 3 year-old Joey knows it, he completely doesn’t care.

Today we went to our sixth (!) graduation party of the season.  Joey has really been enjoying the typical BBQ fare at these events and made himself his favorite double-decker cheeseburger.  He added a cupcake to his place.  “This is my side,” he told a friend.  Yesterday I overheard him telling my neighbor, whose son’s graduation party we were attending, that he had eaten four pieces of fried chicken, two pieces of cake, a brownie, the last of the Gus’ Pretzel, and a Doctor Pepper.  “You owe me $10,” she told him, “I didn’t budget for you to eat that much!”

And now, a gratuitous picture of my oldest three, dressed up a major league baseball players for their practice with Dad at the park this afternoon.  The Mouthy One is in the photo


4 thoughts on “Mouthy Mondays — Blast from the Past

    • Thank you! I'm reading "Cheaper by the Dozen" to the boys this summer so they'll know where the term comes from, too! Right now they think it's a made-up word by their crazy mother. 🙂

  1. My favorite one is the "Read it to me again, Jack." I think Joey was born with a strong sense of sarcasm!

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