Mouthy Mondays: Away from home

Last year, Jude began calling me Emily for some reason. He refused to call me Mommy at all and referred to me as Emily to everyone else. He had just started preschool so this caused no end of confusion for his poor preschool teachers who though my name was Claire. At Thanksgiving, when asked what he was grateful for, Jude said “Daddy and Emily.” The teachers thought there were problems at home.

Eventually, Jude dropped the Emily but he still has a special way of referring to me when I’m not around, apparently. I found this out when he brought his journal home on the last day of school. Check out this year’s Thanksgiving entry:

This reads "I thank God for my sister, Mom, Dad and my trucks."

This reads “I thank God for my sister, Mom, Dad and my trucks.”

Click on the image to make it larger.

And now, check out how he describes each member of his family in this close up.


He describes Daddy as “the nice one,” and me as “the crazy one.” Charming.

I think I preferred Emily.

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  1. I liked it when your McBrother, as a speech-impaired four-year-old, chose to call you Bobby. I assumed then that it was easier to say than Claire. Who knows what was in Jude's mind when he chose Emily as your new name.

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