We oldest McSisters all have pretty spectacular husbands and fathers of our kiddos who deserve royal treatment this Father’s Day weekend (and every day for that matter). I can’t help but think that it’s not just dumb luck that landed us such great guys.  Of course all glory be to God, He is the reason for all the blessings in our lives; therefore, He is also the One who first entrusted us to our earthly father.  And it’s thanks to him that we even knew what to look for in a spouse!


3 years ago on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Jack, Joey and Theresa are hanging on their Baba’s every word.

So Happy Father’s Day to our McDad.  My whole life you’ve been a devoted fan of both the New York Mets and Apple products.  Clearly you were right all along about the superiority and coolness of Apple, so I hold firm to the belief that one day the Mets will make a glorious comeback!

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7 thoughts on “McDad

  1. Thank you very much, Ellen, for posting that photo to remind me of how incredibly youthful and handsome I've remained after having raised seven children almost single-handedly.

    More seriously, thanks for reminding me of the blessings I've received — not least of which is the way all the McSisters (and the McBrother, too) have followed in the loving and gracious footsteps of their mother.

    It's almost enough to make up for the Mets.

  2. Agree with everything, Ellen. Except I think you meant "earthLy" not "earthy." There are many things McDad is but earthy is most definitely not one of them.

    I don't want to forget that Dad was also right about the superiority of the beta versus the VHS — the World only recognized how much better beta was after both models were obsolete anyway.

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