Shoes! {wiws}


Does anybody else think these out of focus “test” shots are often more flattering than the posed, intended to be flattering shots? Or is it just me?

Joining Fine Linen and Purple on this fine sunny Sunday to share what I thought was a blog post-worthy outfit.  I guess you all will be the judge of that!


Earrings: Anthropologie
Top: Old Navy
Pants: Gap (old and altered)
Shoes: India

Apart from the shoes (which are my fav) the exciting part of this outfit for me is the pants.  I’ve had them since before I was married (ie, skinny days!) and they used to be wide legged trousers.  I was inspired by all those diy clothes alterations that Grace and Ana do so I thought I’d try my hand at it.  They didn’t turn out half bad, I think! Granted, I don’t know if skinny white pants are as flattering on me as wide leg white trousers… oh my lovely “athletic legs”. Welp, they’re definitely more trendy this way!

As an aside, I don’t usually wear pants to Mass, but it’s not for any deep theological reason.  I just feel prettier and more feminine in skirts and dresses.  You know what I mean?  The problem is, I still have really nasty bruises and scabs on my knees from last week’s post 5K wipeout, so it would have been uncharitable to my fellow Mass-goers and unseemly to showcase that nastiness.  I guess I could have worn a maxi skirt though.  Sorry, I’m not trying to say anything profound here or to put down pants wearing, I’m just oversharing. Isn’t that what blogs are for?


Hmmm, is this picture indicative of Sara Kate’s Mass behavior? Well, no, she actually did pretty well this week. I’d give her a solid B+.  We didn’t have to leave the pew, so that’s an improvement on the past few weeks! Toddler shenanigans have begun in ernest around here.


How about these beauties?  They’re handmade in India and I wear them sparingly and only on the driest of dry days so that they’ll last forever. They were a gift from a former co-worker of mine who is Indian.

And speaking of shoes, that’s SK’s newest word!  It’s pretty adorable and just goes to show what a Mama’s girl she is… Poor Dave(‘s wallet).

Anyway, that’s more than enough rambling for one day.  Head back to FL&P for more lovely Mass-wear and maybe Camp Patton if she does her Sunday Best link-up again.  I’m completely confused and out of the loop about that one.  Mindy and I are all

25 thoughts on “Shoes! {wiws}

  1. This outfit it right up my alley. Love it all! (And I felt the same way about Grace's linkup until I realized it just started last week. *phew*)

  2. I've been told I need to read this Mindy Kaling book. I've also been told to look out for ornery little kids when running about. I almost tripped over a 7-year-old yesterday at the local co-op while picking up my produce basket. You think since it's a co-op, I would've been aloud to co-parent in that moment and tell that kiddo what's up? No… I didn't think so either :-/

    Love the shoes, of course- and I like how they play off of the eyelet.

    • Oh man, that's annoying! I hope you're ok, Kinsi! Oh, and I actually have not yet read that book… it's on my summer reading list though! I love Mindy!

  3. I think your outfit is a win! And those shoes are fabulous! How did you like the book? I've been hoping my library will get it, because I don't want to buy it unless I know I'll like it.

  4. Great outfit and the shoes are so lovely! And Sara Kate's dress is so sweet. I have serious baby girl dress envy seeing as how we've only had boys . . . so far?

    • Thanks Rosie! My MIL has provided little SK with a plethora of summer formal wear because she can't control herself! This is just one of the dresses 🙂

  5. Such a cute outfit, Ellen! I love that shirt, and those shoes- amazing! Sara Kate's dress is darling. And isn't it so fun to hear new toddler words?

    • Thanks Laura 🙂 Gah, see my shame-faced replys above, I haven't read that book yet! It's on the summer must-read list!

  6. I love the top so much!!! Actually I love almost everything Old Navy. And don´t get me started on the shoes…can I have them? Great job on the pants, I love altering clothes, have a whole bag of altering that will someday happen.

    • Thanks! Old Navy is my weakness too… There's one right down the road from me so I pop in way more often than I should. Everything is just so cute and so cheap!

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