Lessons Learned From Running My First 5K

1. You should not skip waiting in that epic line for the porta-potties before the race.  There’s a reason why the line is epic!

The number thingy will call attention to your weak midsection.  Next time wear spanx.  j/k

The number thingy will call attention to your weak midsection. Next time wear spanx.

2.  Summer 5Ks are foolish.  Next time register for one in the early spring or late fall.  Better yet, do the New Years Day one. But if you do decided to run a summer 5K, don’t expect to beat your personal record or even come close.  

3.  Don’t start your Nike running app when the horn blows and the race begins.  You are with the strollers in the back, which is about a quarter mile behind the starting line!  The app will be totally off and misleading!

4.  Do remember that you are running on the same roads that you used to drive your big pregnant self on to get to your OB appointments.  And definitely recall that only 14 months ago, Dave was driving your still-big stitched belly and your sweet baby girl over those same roads back from the hospital.  Perspective is important!

5.  Don’t pass up that first water table!  Bad idea!!

6.  Don’t bother to take pictures, even if you think it will add something to your future blog post.  Pictures will just permanently record how that big guy was ahead of you while you were running up the hill!  Wop-wop.IMG_1353 IMG_1354

7.  Nice people will stand on their lawns and cheer for you and spray you with their hoses.  Don’t be ashamed to run through the hoses with your mouth wide open.

8. Your husband will be his nerdy self and watch your progress on Google Latitude.latitude

9.  When you make your special 5K playlist, make it considerably longer than what it usually takes you to run a 5K.  No, not 3 minutes longer, at least 10 minutes longer.  Just trust me 🙂

10.  Do sprint down that hill to the finish line and don’t look at the clock because, woman, you finished!

11.  After touching base with hubby and baby, DO watch where you are going when you make your mad dash to the bathroom or else you WILL collide with a 10 year old kid and fall flat on your face and you WILL have bruises and skinned knees for weeks afterwards.

12. Watching a grumpy, hot baby in an extremely crowded place is just as challenging, if not more challenging than running a 5K in 85 degree high humidity weather.  Thank your husband.  IMG_1361

13.  Next year, get a sitter so that you and husband can hit up the beer tent afterwards.  When in Boston, do as the Bostonians do!

All-in-all, it was a really fun experience and I’m so glad I can finally say that I did it and I can do it!IMG_1359

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From Running My First 5K

    • Thanks Colleen! I would like to do one more race this summer or fall if I have the opportunity. My friend in Albany is doing the Color Me Rad run there in September and I really want to do it with her!

  1. Rockstar! I'm trying to convince my neighbor to do a 5K with me this October. She thinks she's too out-of-shape. Little does she know that my lack of athleticism is epic.

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