Mouthy Monday — Print Edition

This religion test came home in Joey’s backpack on the last day of school. Please note his illustrated response on the bottom of the page. Are the children thanking God for their food, or praying that their house won’t burn down?  (PS  I think you’ll may have to click on the link to enlarge it.  It’s taken me forever to figure out how to upload the image.  Speaking of Mouthy Mondays, the same boy just informed me in his “Mom Voice” that I’ve been on the computer for more than an hour and my turn is over!)

Joey the artist (2) 6-3-13

4 thoughts on “Mouthy Monday — Print Edition

  1. You guys do notice the smoke detector beeping in the corner, right? I think it doesn't show up well in the image, darn it. The whole punch line was practically erased!!

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