5 Favorites, Vol. 7

Linking with Moxie Wife (hope everyone feels better over there soon!)on this fine Wednesday morning to share my 5 Favorites.

1. Straight off the bat, I’m going to cheat a little.  I need to ask you about your favorite work-out tunes!  I’m running my first real 5K this Sunday and I thought a new running playlist might just help me pick up the pace a little.  I would love love LOVE to hear your recommendations! And McSisters, please consult your McHusbands for suggestions and get back to me ASAP!

2. Stephen Fry in America

Dave and I have been working on this fun BBC documentary for a little while now, and we’re thoroughly enjoying it! Let me digress for a second and just explain that it is a treasured McFamily pastime to follow with great interest all things British; politics, entertainment, the Royal Family (duh!) etc. At first, Dave did not understand, nor did he appreciate this obsession interest in all things British.  But lucky me, he was hired by a British company, so not only does he work with a lot of Brits, but he also has to travel there frequently (and he took me along once too!) so he kind of gets it now.  He definitely has more of an appreciation for their dry humor and cultural quirks and nowadays he is more familiar with obscure British-isms than I am!

Anyway, that leads me to this documentary.  Stephen Fry is a British actor/comedian who traveled across the United States in a London cab seeking out sights big and small. Wherever he goes, he prattles on in that delightfully British way, sharing his frank observations and opinions about what he sees.  For example, at a cheese factory in Wisconsin, he explains to the owner that Americans have simply dreadful taste in cheese.  Dave, with his newfound fluency in Brit, picked out a phrase Stephen used to describe the scientists at Los Almos National Lab: boffins.  I didn’t even notice but Dave told me that’s what Brits call brainy scientist types (like him).  Isn’t that funny?

Long story short: you should watch it.  It’s on Netflix streaming.

{Update: I’d suggest skipping the last 15 minutes of episode 5, in which Stephen learns about that wonderful legal institution in Nevada: prostitution. Eeeek!}

3. Almond Poppy Seed “Bread”

Y’all, it’s not bread.  It’s cake.  And it’s delicious.

4. This outfit

Maybe I could come up with a SAHM version of this outfit that’s just as fabulous??

{Editorial Note* The dress is $28 at Target, ladies!}

5. Pool weather!

photo (7)

Who knows how long it’s going to last so we’re taking advantage of it this week!

Have a great day, everyone!  I can’t wait to read your music suggestions for me!

10 thoughts on “5 Favorites, Vol. 7

  1. Oh my goodness that swimsuit! She is just too adorable!

    And "bread" that is actually cake is one of my favorites. Muffins, doughnuts, sweet breads – it's just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast and I LOVE it!

  2. Ditto to Rosie's comment – I heard some comedian do a routine on that: bread that is really just an excuse to eat cake. Hit close to home!

    Hmm, workout tunes: I don't have a regime, but I imagine some of the *clean* Mumford & Sons songs would be catchy enough to be energizing. I'm partial to Irish/Folksy/Country music, so take-off groups like Mumford, Gaelic Storm, Great Big Sea, are up there on my list.

  3. Yes, please on the cake/bread! Oh, and the outfit is adorable. And the baby is scrumptious! What a fun list!

  4. I'm looking at my ipod right now in my running list – here's my favorites at the moment (no judging!) Carry Out, Crazy in Love, Shipping up to Boston, Stronger, Gold Digger, Single Ladies, Want U BackThrift Shop, Feel This Moment, and Cruise.

  5. Ellen that is one of the dresses I was talking about when I texted you the other day! It was so cute I went back and bought it. I think I have an addiction 😉

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