7QT: Angsty

Happy beginning of the long weekend, everyone! I thought I’d start off this Quick Takes with sharing some articles that have really made me think.

1. Over at Catholic Vote: How to become an annoying Catholic by Emily Stimpson.  Funny and thought provoking!

2. At NCR: Why the world doesn’t take Catholicism seriously by Matthew Warner.  Similar theme to that of Emily Stimpson’s piece, very well written with, as my Dad put it, a profound message.

3. And over at Catholic All Year, Kendra’s post about her making excuses game really struck me as a practical way that we mothers with young families can live authentic Catholic lives and raise saints just by playing a fun little game with our kids.  As an aside, I really like Kendra’s blog.  She’s a no-nonsense homeschooling mom of 6 with a lot of practical advice.  Sometimes, after reading more experienced mom blogs,  I feel like I need to quit this bloggy business because I clearly have nothing of value to contribute, I only add to the background buzz of young-mom angst.

4. Oh boy, speaking of angst, something has been getting into our garden!  It’s so sad, it was doing so well!  Two of our three baby tomato plants that were just starting to flourish just, poof, disappeared one afternoon!  And half of my sunflowers have been nibbled down to nubbins.  Whatever it is, it’s been trying to make a dent in the peas too, but they seem to be impervious to our dreaded foe.  Here are pictures of our progress from a week ago, before the enemy advanced.


Alleluia, the enemy has not found my beautiful strawberries yet!


I used some old cinderblocks to make planters for my herbs. Dave thought it was a very hipster idea.


Ugh, please ignore the photographer and Daddy-with-baby shadows. And all the stupid helicopter stuff from the trees. Look at our little plants!


The mighty peas.

5.  So, last summer when I was 3-5 months postpartum, I lost a tremendous amount of hair.  I know this is perfectly normal and I was warned that it would happen, but nothing really prepares you for the reality!  My hair has been slowly growing back in ever since and I’ve been impatiently watching the progress of my forehead fringe.IMG_1178

But!  This week when the humidity hit, it brought out all the other stragglers that were hiding underneath.  I had my hair up in a high messy bun all Tuesday and in the evening I was alarmed to see a very heavy fringe of exactly 4 inches of hair on the back of my neck!  I mean, really, it was a lot of hair, even Dave was alarmed!  Anyway, do you think I should embrace it and try an Elizabeth Bennet hair style?


No joke, I really have enough fringe to pull this off. Yeesh!

6. So, SK has started playing that fun game of find the bellybutton.  She loves showing hers off and then finding Mommy’s bellybutton (Daddy’s is weird; so much hair!).  Maybe I’m just hormonal, but this game practically brings me to tears!  I just can’t help but think about how Sara’s little bellybutton is a permanent, tangible reminder of the once physical link between the two of us, and how my bellybutton is the same reminder for me of my mom!  Ack, don’t look at me,

7. Whew, enough of the angst, Ellen! I hope everyone has fun and/or relaxing plans for the weekend!  We’re just sticking close to home and relaxing over here.  Dave is pretty burnt out from work lately so he just wants to veg and I’m always game for that plan.  We’ll probably work a little more on our chair and try to revive our garden a little.  Of course, I’ll be thinking of our vets this weekend, especially our beloved McGrandpa, who was a WWII vet.  God Bless all of the service men and women who sacrifice so much for our country! 

For less broody takes, head back to Conversion Diary and say hi to soon-to-be-published Jen!

One thought on “7QT: Angsty

  1. Sounds like a little bunny has found your garden!

    And speaking of nature: we have a cardinal couple nesting in the pricker bush behind the grill out back. There appear to be at least 4 little babies. Momma and Papa are busy flying in and out all day long feeding the hungry little things. I am so glad to see the sun this morning after all the days of rain and cold we have been having. I was worried about the babies.

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