5 Favorites (vol. 3)

Linking up with Moxie Wife again to share these very random 5 favorites!

1. Bisquick.  

Man, I love this stuff. What is it even made of anyway?  Why does everything you make with it taste incredible?  I know it can’t be good for you, but I don’t care.

2. This is my favorite thing to make with Bisquick:

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I’m sure you’ve seen these on pinterest, but if you haven’t made them yet, drop everything you’re doing and make them now.  They’re incredible.

3. Color discovery boxes from Lakeshore:

I got these for SK when she was about 6 months old and just sitting up and playing with things.  They’ve consistently been a favorite toy of hers ever since!  I loved them immediately because, as a former Pre-K teacher, I geeked out over the infinite learning possibilites in these 4 simple boxes. At $50, they are pretty expensive, but if you get on the Lakeshore e-mail list, they’ll randomly send you coupons (I got my set for 40% off) and even if you pay full price, they’re worth it.  They’re really high quality and I’m pretty sure they’ll last for a very long time, probably through several kids.  I highly recommend these for homeschooling mamas with little ones!

4.Foscam wireless indoor camera

 In an uncharacteristically impulsive move, Dave got this camera about a month ago to use as a baby camera to see what SK does in her crib.  It’s completely unnecessary, especially since SK is a really good sleeper and doesn’t tend to play in her crib, but it is really nifty to have all the same.  The really cool thing about this monitor is that we use our phones and our computers as the receivers which is super convenient. When we use our phones, it’s through some random free app (I don’t know the specifics, Dave set it all up) and the best thing about it is the ads that run above the image of your sleeping babe.  All this to say that I’m now addicted to online gambling.


5. Fabric!

mefabricI took the plunge and I bought the yellow ikat fabric for my chair reupholstery project.  No turning back now!  You can expect a series of posts in the near future titled “Hack Jobs” or “Why you should never DIY reupholstery”.  Please pray for me!

For more fabulous five favs, head on back to Moxie Wife! Happy Hump Day!

4 thoughts on “5 Favorites (vol. 3)

  1. i am going to get those discovery boxes, they looks awesome! i think you made a great fabric choice. hope it goes easier than expected.

  2. You bought the fabric!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    And I love that you guys set up that camera. I've wanted to do something like that for a long time, just to see how Grace amuses herself when she's awake in her bed. 🙂

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