Five things: the one about Claire

1) I’m very bad at blogging (obviously). Ellen nagged me nicely this past weekend to write my five things post so here it is. I hope my first thing doesn’t count as cheating.

2) I was on the David Letterman show. Yup. And, yes, that IS way cool. In 2002, the Letterman show decided to profile a small town in Upstate New York. They couldn’t decide between Fulton and Schoharie (home town to McSisters) so they called and interviewed both town clerks. The Fulton town clerk described the population of that town as sort of ordinary, average people while the Schoharie town clerk, legend has it, proudly told the Letterman staffer something like “Oh, we got a whole lotta’ crazies here.”

As part of the show, staff called around looking for some natives with talent. A friend volunteered herself and myself to Irish dance on the show. I promptly refused. Then I was told the show would pay me so I agreed. The friend and I were featured on a segment called “Is this anything?” Dave introduced the segment and explained the curtain would rise for about 10 seconds and we would do our thang then Paul Schaffer got to decide whether ¬†we counted as something. The segment was weird, yes, but I did dance for a whole 10 seconds on the stage of the Ed Sullivan theater. Best part was getting my hair and makeup done beforehand. The hair guy had a note taped to his mirror that said “I stole three hair clips. XOXO Meg Mullally.”

Actually, the best part was the pay. For that 10 seconds, they paid me $600, then an additional $500 when the show aired again a few weeks later. And then I got something like $50 in residuals the following year when the episode was played on a couple of Delta flights.

3) I once (accidentally) pinned John McCain against a wall. I worked one summer at the Republican National Committee in D.C. John McCain was in the building for something or other and I was on my way out. A guy with a handcart was coming through the door so I backed up intending to press myself against the wall and ended up pressing John McCain against the wall. I sprang forward almost instantly so it was mainly a non-incident, but I still relish telling the story.

4) George Pataki once said “Hi, it’s nice to see you,” to me FOUR times in the course of an hour. This is obviously because he didn’t know me from Adam and he was saying it to every one he saw in the room, regardless of whether he knew them or not.

5) And lastly, a few months before he left office in disgrace, I went to a meeting in Eliot Spitzer’s Albany office. The office itself wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. I was supposed to be working on a project in conjunction with his wife’s office (on a really, really low level since I was never very important). His wife (who seemed like a nice woman) turned to me at one point and said “We’re thinking of launching in St. Lawrence, near Waddington.” My brilliant response: “Oh! The guy who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies goes carp fishing there every summer.”

I’m not sure how this got off course and turned into embarrassing moments in my life involving politicians. Now that I’m a stay-at-home Mom, I probably (please God) won’t have any more opportunities to embarrass myself on national television or in front of nationally known political figures and it is funny to think of how different my life is now than it was just five years ago.

I’m tagging Jane!

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  1. Thank you McSisters for this blog. I love you guys. Claire, you are awesome. Thank you for being a low-level employee with exciting brushes with politicians and show biz.

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