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This is several weeks late, but I’m happy to report that I do have a smidge of progress in the land of hypothetical chair reupholstery!  Whew, say that 5 times fast!

I actually went out on a limb and e-mailed the unparalleled Auntie Leila to see if she had any suggestions for places to look for nice, inexpensive home decor fabrics in the Boston area.  She very promptly replied with very helpful suggestions and the next weekend I checked out one of the places she suggested: The Fabric Place Basement.

I’ll start with the name of this fine establishment.  Dave was mighty critical when we pulled up.  “Why isn’t it just The Fabric Place or The Fabric Basement?  Why The Fabric Place Basement?”  Well, I can now report, the name fits!  This place was huge and filled with fabric, notions, yarn, etc.  It was quite overwhelming!  Oh, and it was in a basement.  A huge warehouse basement, to be exact.

Anyway, when I finally oriented myself and found the home decor fabrics, my eyes had a little feast 🙂  IMG_0860IMG_0859IMG_0857

Some of these fabrics were expensive (ie, $30-$40 a yard) but there was a heck of a lot of options that  were in my $20 and under budget.  Now that I’ve checked out the options and know what’s available to me, I need to settle on what I’m looking for in the color and pattern department.  I love love love that yellow ikat, but I don’t think yellow would work in our living room at. all. I think a dusky red hue  would look nice, like this fabric:


This fabric reminded me of a chest that I saw at an antique store last year.  I took a picture, I loved it that much.


Then again, the practical side of me screams “Go simpler! Neutral colors! Simple stripes!”


Maybe I need to pick up some swatches to play pretend with?  What think ye? Your input is greatly appreciated! 🙂

6 thoughts on “More Chair Talk

  1. I think I would've been too overwhelmed to make a decision! What a cool place (

    and how cool that Auntie Leila actually recommended it to you!)

  2. I say the plain pinstripe.. but you know? That red floral print fabric is GOREGOUS and you should definitely buy some and make a throw pillow for the chair!

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