The Pinterest Post!

Finally! Okay, so when I actually looked at my pins, it turns out I pinned a bunch of things in my head rather than on my board, but I do have a handful of finished projects to show for the past two years of pinning. In no particular order…

1. Margot’s Play Kitchen:
I have to state first of all that I found, pinned, and completed this idea BEFORE John and Sherry made one for their daughter. I think they found my Pinterest page and copied me, actually.
The idea here was to take an old piece of furniture and transform it with some paint and fabric into a little play kitchen. I thought it sounded like fun and would look nicer than the plastic version, and Paul was on board for the construction part, so we went for it. Here is one of the inspiration photos I pinned:
And here is the finished product we presented to Margot on her 2nd birthday, which was three weeks after her sister Ruthie was born, and three weeks and 4 days after we moved into our new house. Yes, we are crazy, but I think it did me good to have a project to inspire me, and Ruthie was an easy-peasy baby so she made it actually possible. Paul helped a lot, too.

I didn’t end up with the shade of blue I really wanted, but I was in a time crunch, so oh well. Mimi provided the coordinating Melissa and Doug pots and pans, and Ruthie now really enjoys presenting us with frying pans full of plastic food which we are obliged to taste and then spit out while proclaiming it “too hot!”

Margot kind of never played with it. Wop wop.

2. Painted Stairs!

When we moved in, our lovely eighties raised ranch had wall-to-wall carpeting (sometimes more than one layer!) in every room but the kitchen and bathrooms. Knowing that wood floors were a long way off, budget wise, we have compromised as best we can so far in a variety of ways, based on the direness of the carpet in any given area. Area #1 that HAD to be removed immediately was the hallway and staircase, which had a dirty, sticky trail clearly imprinted into it that nothing could clean or cover. So my heroic husband spent the precisely 72 hours after moving in and before I went into labor ripping the carpet off the hallway and stairs and replacing the hall floor with laminate (our temporary solution). The stairs stayed bare for several months while I worked on convincing him that I could paint them and make it look good. I pinned the following inspiration photo:


I pretty much knew that staining the treads wouldn’t work, between the mess and smell and the fact that the stairs were pretty beat up, so I decided to go for porch paint in a very dark espresso that would look almost black, with white risers. It was time-consuming (pull out tacks and nails, fill holes, sand, paint and dry x 3 coats, seal and dry x three coats, and repeat for risers!) but I was able to sneak in a step or two every day while the kids were napping (and even while they were awake, since I was in the middle of the action but protected by gates) and now, months later, the paint has held up very well — no chips or scratches to report. I’m very happy I took this one on! Here are my own stairs (please note, railings and landing floor, plus wainscoting, to be accomplished in the future…):


3. One more for now, since this is getting long. One of the first ideas I pinned, and also the easiest project (with Ellen’s help) was the display of embroidery hoops over Ruthie’s crib. Here’s the inspiration I pinned:

crib wall 3 small

For Ruthie’s version, I made a little sample of the wall color and brought it to the fabric store with me, and Ellen helped me pick out some fat squares of fabric that coordinated with the wall color. Then I bought some hoops of various sizes, went home and figured out which ones should go in which hoop for the best balance and impact, popped the fabric in the hoops and arranged the hoops over Ruthie crib. Voila! I decided to decorate a big “R” for her as well, and used a sheet of scrapbooking paper and mixed a shade of yellow for the sides. Here’s the final product:


I wish my photos were better quality, but you get the gist. Let’s just say everything looks better in person, just take my word for it. 🙂

How about you all – any Pinterest projects come to fruition in your homes?

3 thoughts on “The Pinterest Post!

  1. Who-ray! The pinterest post! Veddy veddy nice, I must say. Dave can't wait to make SK her own little kitchen set like yours. Hope she plays with it, unlike Miss M 😉

  2. Both crafts are super cute! And I have seen them in person. But the project that is dearest to my philosophy in life is the stairs. I believe in working with what you've got. Make the most of what is at hand and don't try to make something into something it isn't. In other words, be yourself, not someone else. It goes for people and things. I really like the way the stairs turned out and I hope you can salvage slate from Uncle Chris' demo for the landing. Now to me, that is satisfying.

  3. Great job, Rosie! I'm a big fan of the stairs, too. One of my girlfriends did that, and then stenciled her children's names on each riser. Think you can convince your hubby to do that?? And Mimi, your comment has given me renewed interest in painting those kitchen cabinets!!

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