WIWS: snow on snow on snow on snow.

Well, it’s Sunday again, and we’re having another snowstorm.  So for the second weekend in a row Dave and I are taking turns walking to Mass.  It’s actually not that bad since the church is a little over a half a mile away.  Last week it was actually quite enjoyable.  The blizzard had ended the day before, so it was kinda fun to walk through our neighborhood caked in 2+ feet of snow.


Last week’s walk.

This week’s walk was another story.  The snow was still coming down pretty hard and blowing.  Plus, I maybe shouldn’t have worn a skirt and tights.  Maybe that was a mistake… But not because it was unbearably cold.  I had a little bit of this going on.

Not as fun as it looks.

It was really bad on the walk home.  I thought for a second that maybe I should turn back to the church and run to the bathroom to address the situation, but I didn’t.  Then when I was a little farther on and fearing that things were pretty dire, I remembered that Seinfeld episode when Kramer is test driving a car for Jerry and the gas tank is on E but he wants to see just how far he can go on E.  And I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make it home and my tights won’t actually fall the way down.  They might ride down really low, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it!”

And I did!

After hitching up my gawkings (as my niece Jackie calls them), wiping my nose and de-icing my glasses, I took a triumphant picture of my outfit for your viewing pleasure.
First of all, aren’t you jealous of the wood paneling and linoleum in my house??  Renting is awesome.
Gap skirt and sweater, ON tights, Lands End Canvas scarf, AE socks (I think… it’s been years since I’ve shopped there. I’m too old and cantankerous to deal with the pumping music and overpowering scent of Axe.)
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12 thoughts on “WIWS: snow on snow on snow on snow.

  1. I just want to know if, in picture #4, those are the aforementioned "gockings" sitting atop your boots?

    Sounds like you had quite the adventure this morning!

    • I always have that exact image of Dick Van Dyke in my head when my stockings start to fall down! Glad the image made you click over, Laura 🙂

    • Aww man, we're actually not in the Northshore, we're southwest of the city, in Dedham. Will you be traveling on 95 or will you skirt the coastline?

    • Haha, thanks 🙂 I picked the ones of me really far away and then I made them really small, for really really good reason! I'm glad you enjoyed them anyway!

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