The Mother of all McSisters


Happy Birthday to our wonderful Mimi and Mom!

I’ve been delaying all day, hoping that one of my more gifted-sisters/writers would take care of our McMother’s birthday post.  Not because I don’t care to honor Mom on her birthday!  It’s just that, I don’t even know where to start.

I can’t speak for Mom as to what she considers the greatest legacy of her motherhood.  If I had to make a half silly, half serious guess, it would be our sister Mary’s nun-hood!  But I hope that she (rightfully) takes credit for the fact that her four oldest daughters never considered anything other than staying at home with their children.  Never with preachy words did Mom impress on us the dignity and importance of homemaking and motherhood.   Mom simply radiates that truth.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mom!  Remember, none of us remembers your actual age.  Besides, you’ve never looked your true age anyway!

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  1. I can't write well or much, with or without a computer, but here is but one line from literature that always brings Mom to mind, even when I first read it as a sixteen year old: "Each time Francie began the prayer, Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, her grandmother's face came before her." (Name that book.)

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