WIWS: Comfy, Dressy

Howdy What I Wore Sunday crowd!


Gap dress, ON tights, Nordstrom boots, old Loft necklace, underused Fossil watch, and lovely delicate earrings from my friend Rachael 🙂

We’re all back in the Commonwealth and enjoying the long weekend by doing what we do best: absolutely nothing!  Well, that’s not totally true.  I was able to slip out yesterday for a lunch/shopping date with my friend Melissa and while we were at the Gap, I snatched up this dress for a song. At first I wasn’t interested but Melissa urged me to try it on.  Always try things on, my friends, it’s the only way to make sure things don’t look horrible on you.  I was sure this would look bad on me because it’s basically a big sweatshirt with a drawstring waist but, low and behold, it is inexplicably flattering.  Also inexplicable, the zippers on the sides.  Rest assured, modesty police, the inexplicable zippers remained zipped for Mass.   Most importantly, it’s really really ridiculously comfortable.  Since it was such a steal ($17) and so comfy (see previous sentence), Melissa got one for herself as well in gray.  Full disclosure, if we were featured in an Us Weekly “Who Wore It Better” column, Melissa would win.  Every time.

SK is also wearing a comfortable church outfit which was a gift from my Aunt Elizabeth.  It’s a Tea Collection jersey knit little dress with striped sleeves.  It’s great because she can wear it as a dress to Mass with little tights or with leggings during the week. Come to think of it, the same goes for my dress. Yay for versatility!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Before all you seasoned Moms out there warn me of the dangers of wearing sparkly, rattly, jangly, super fun jewlery around your 9 month old, let me assure you that my perfect little angel did not play, tug, eat, jangle, and/or untie the bow in the back during the Nicene Creed. Oh no she did not!

For more “holy attire” (I know I’m not the only one who caught that today!) head on back to Fine Linen and Purple.


20 thoughts on “WIWS: Comfy, Dressy

  1. Oh my, how cute is your little one! I love her wittle tights. I love your flower necklace & Navy blue dress too – what a fun way to pair it up with the textured tights and boots!

  2. You look so pretty! I always wear huge earrings, even with grabby babies. It's annoying to have to keep telling them "no" but they learn eventually and leave them alone!

    The necklace is gorgeous.

    • Thanks for that, Andrea! All my fun jewelery is from my working days (as a preschool teacher) and I miss wearing it so. You're right, if I just wear earrings and necklaces frequently and stay firm with the no's then she'll get over it.

    • Haha, thank you for the Goodwill dispensation! I might attempt it one day, if I get a sitter and the hubby comes with! That pretty much defeats the purpose of shopping at Goodwill though…

      BTW, I bet you could find some tights for dirt cheap at the store. These tights are super-duper comfy but I have to hike them up high or else I penguin walk up for Communion.

  3. Great outfits on both the lovely Johnson ladies! And I love the new pic on top; I knew you were going to do that when I saw it on your camera!

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