Marian Mondays: McKitchen Madonna

Hi all!  This is going to be super short and sweet (just like the Blessed Mother, probably… people were short back then!), but I wanted to make sure that I linked up for Marian Mondays again because I think it’s such a wonderful linkup idea!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a picture of something that all of the McSisters own:


Our wonderful Mother was the first one to have a Madonna of the Kitchen.  I think Aunt Jackie got it for her at an antique store.  Anyway, it’s been in my Mom’s kitchen (at our old house and now at their current house) for a long time.  Somewhere along the line, the rest of the McSisters all got their own Madonna of the Kitchen.  I can’t speak for how my other sisters got theirs, but my Madonna was a wedding shower gift from my youngest sister, Joanie.  She had the idea of getting me one and told Mom and together they found it on Ebay.  Isn’t that sweet?

I love my Madonna.  It’s a sweet reminder of my childhood home, the home where we learned our faith and developed our own devotions to Our Lady… the home where our Mother modeled Marian virtues in her demeanor and in every day life.  My Madonna reminds me that I now have that role in my family.

No, it’s not fine art, but it’s cute and sentimental and it does bring me back to the important things in life.

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