WIWS & The Epic Saga of the New Boots



It’s Sunday again and I just can’t help myself when it comes to this fun linky party. 🙂

Here’s the top half:

Gap Outlet sweater, Anthropologie earrings, Ariel hair swoop.

Gap Outlet sweater, Anthropologie earrings, Ariel hair swoop.

And the bottom half:

H&M skirt, Gap tights, Nordstrom boots.

H&M skirt, Gap tights, Nordstrom boots.

All together now!

I can't bring myself to try any different poses.  Dave will make fun of me more than he already does.

I can’t bring myself to try any different poses. Dave will make fun of me more than he already does.

Ok, story time kidlets.  I love my new boots which were a birthday & Christmas present from my Mom.  She sent me two gift certificates and I headed out to Nordstrom the morning after Christmas to get me some nice discounted boots!  Now, I’ve never ever shopped at Nordstrom because I’m clearly a member of the unwashed masses who is so not worthy… but when it came down to it, what I really wanted for Christmas and my birthday was help towards buying a pair of boots that I would never ordinarily buy for myself.  Truth be told, the other reason why I wanted to go to Nordstrom to get boots was because I knew their selection of good quality boots was more vast than at a lesser store, so hopefully I would find a pair that would fit well.

Because my friends, I have what I like to self-consolingly describe as athletic legs.  In other words, normal boots don’t fit me.

{As an aside, my new frienemy Jillian Michaels is not helping matters, as my leg muscles have swelled (have swollen? Grammar help, Rose!) alarmingly in the past 5 days since I’ve started the 30 Day Shred!}

Anyway, off I went to Nordstrom, thinking it would be easy and even pleasurable to find me some amazing boots.  Well, I got there right when the store opened and headed up to the shoe department.  In the discount boot rack (heaven?) was a mom and her sullen teenage daughter.  The mom was dominating the attention of the only sales associate there, hemming and hawing and complaining asking “Don’t they make any boots for girls with slim legs?”

Meanwhile, I tried on several pairs of boots, which would. not. zip.

I finally found THE pair.  They were the perfect color and height and they zipped very comfortably over my jeans with room the spare!  I wanted to make sure, though, so I finally got the attention of the associate and explained my dilemma (it being the opposite of the long-suffering mother’s dilemma).  The associate asked my shoe size and then explained that what they had out was what they had and a lot of their stock was depleted from Christmas and would I like to have those boots (the ones I had found that actually fit) in my size?  I was confused, weren’t they already my size?  No they are actually a size bigger.  A whole size bigger than my already very big feet.  And they fit perfectly.

So, in conclusion, I came home happy, but a little humbled by my Amazon-woman proportions.  I told my sad tale to Dave and he rolled his eyes and used it as an opportunity to use his favorite phrase “a load of white nonsense.”

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14 thoughts on “WIWS & The Epic Saga of the New Boots

  1. LOL, what?! You hardly have "Amazon Woman Proportions". I'm glad you found some awesome boots. I'm with you… it took me a couple of years before I found the "perfect boots" for the right price. And I ALMOST wore that skirt today… I'm sure we will match up one of these Sundays. Haha.

  2. Hallelujah to boots that fit right on your legs! And for apparently having big feet, they certainly don't look it in your new boots. You look "all together now" great!

  3. Three things:

    1. That skirt is to. DIE.

    2. I completely understand the Plight of the Too-Big, err, Athletic Calves. I've had luck with Born boots, but I do like the saddle color of yours.

    3. I do believe your and my hubs would get along marvelously.

  4. Oh my gosh. The long-suffering mother of the petite child for whom she is buying BRAND NEW BOOTS AT NORDSTROM OH MY GOODNESS WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. Seriously. What is it?!?!?

    Anyway, you look fab and those boots are killer. Killer.

    • That wasn't all!!! The long suffering mother also explained that she bought several pairs of boots the night before from the Nordstrom website just to cover her bases. Her perfect petite princess was going to get her perfect boots, by hook or by crook!

  5. Sweet boots. The only time I ever went to Nordstroms they had a guy playing a grand piano in the main lobby. Nothing says, "You can't afford to shop here" like live classical music.

  6. I have the same problem with boots! My calves are muscular so I struggle to get my boots on and off. I never thought to go up a size so that they would fit around my Amazonianess! (Can you believe that spell checker doesn't like Amazonianess!?)

    I love your outfit and think the tights pull the whole thing together!

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