Christmas Staycation

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Jillian Michaels gave me a nice little New Year’s wake up call this morning when I became the (seemingly) last SAHM ever to become her punching bag, I mean, start the 30 Day Shred.  She is NOT of the race that knows Joseph (Anne of Green Gables reference? Anyone?).  I am also giving Cari’s recipe for torture success a try.  Because I’m crazy and I’m tired of feeling dumpy.

Anywho! To try to keep my mind off my achy body and viciously growling tummy, I will share some pictures from our Christmas Staycation.  Dave took off Christmas week and New Years Eve and day, so we had a nice long chunk of time together as a family at home.  We are really boring homebodies and we like it.


First baby’s first Christmas = Picture of a princess. Oh brother!


SK rocking her hand-me-down tartan dress.

It snowed and our backyard is a hill! Win-win!!!


Dave and Pat eventually broke their $6 sleds.



Pretty pathetic.

 Speaking of pretty pathetic, that’s what SK is being today… She’s very whiney and needy.  You know, in other words, just utterly charming.  I think she misses her way-fun other parent who had to go back to work today.


I did miss celebrating Christmas with family, but I realize the other day that I have some fun trip involving family planned for every month for the next 6 months!  In a couple weeks, SK and I are going to NY and staying with Aunt Rose and Margot and Ruthie while Dave globe trots for work.  In February and March, there’s Carmela’s baptism and Easter/Jude’s/SK’s birthday (respectively).  And in April, SK and I are going to be adventurous and fly out to St. Louis to see Jane and her crew!  And summer brings even more fun and travels 🙂

Happy 2013!



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  1. We're looking forward to your visit! I have to get DJ to send the video of the dads taking the kids sledding out here. It's crazy how far they sent little Margot and Jackie down the hill.

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