What I Wore Sunday


Happy Sunday, folks!  SK and I are here to model our Sunday outerwear and innerwear.

Squinting in the early morning sun after 7:30 AM Mass. Both of us are ready for our morning nap!

SK’s winter coat and hat: Baby Gap

My coat: From Claire who got it from Rose.  It’s a true relic of McSisterhood!

SK is wearing head to toe hand-me-downs from her cutie-pie cousins in NY.

My scarf, tights and sweater are from Gap and my skirt is old from Gap Outlet.  My shoes are from Tarjay.

I love this pencil skirt.  It was a staple of my teacher wardrobe back in the day and now it’s my frequent go-to for Mass and all other semi-formal events.  It’s flattering, it’s the perfect length and it goes with everything.  I even wore it till about 25 weeks into my pregnancy (unzipped and with a belly band), at which point my belly and my bottom began their epic competition to see which could be the biggest, roundest, most prominent feature on my rapidly inflating body.  It was a tight race to the end.

Inspired by Grace’s church grading system, I have to give SK an A- for her Mass behavior this week.  Her behavior was pretty perfect, but we didn’t have random nice old men giving us $100 after Mass to get her an early Christmas present, like last week.  Yes, that did happen!  We tried very hard to give it back, but he refused.  After he left the church we awkwardly sought out an usher who could help us put the money in the church offering.

Check out everyone else’s lovely Mass attire at Fine Linen and Purple 🙂

13 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday

  1. Oh wow! $100! That doesn't happen everyday!! LOL. That's awesome. Your pencil skirt and the tights are pretty awesome too. Your blog post was cute all around!

  2. I am loving the tights! They are pretty similar to ones I wore on my link-up to Fine Linen and Purple. I love your coat. It is too bad coats cost so much because I would love to have many many many many…..

    • Thanks Emily 🙂 and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to link up and make new blog friends! Btw, I was checking out your personal blog… way to go with the half marathon training! You're my hero!

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