Don’t worry, people.  I’m not going subject you to a heartfelt soliloquy reflecting on my 7 months as a mother.  I’m going to reveal to you just how materialistic I am by performing a bit of fashion autopsy on the NBC drama Parenthood.

You know, that horribly annoying show that does the everyone-talks-a-mile-a-minute-at-the-same-time-thing?  The show where the kids are really whiny and spoiled and the teenagers are WAY too promiscuous and spoiled and the adults are obnoxious and (you guessed it) spoiled.  I really need to kick this Tuesday night (but really Wednesday morning because 10 PM is way too late for me) habit of mine but I can’t.  And it’s because watching this show is akin to walking into Anthropologie.

It’s eye candy.

There are some insanely good stylists working on this show.  The show’s style is deliciously relaxed.  Everyone’s respective houses are homey and lived in and very inviting, effortlessly reflecting the obvious style of each couple.   Obnoxiously, the adult characters complain about money being tight but they all live in Berkley California, drive vintage cars and own the newest, shiniest thing made by Apple.  I know, I know, it’s a tv show.  But I ain’t no fool!  Come on NBC, ever heard of the recession?

And the clothes!  I’ve arrived at my favorite topic.  I flip-flop between coveting Julia’s timeless style and Christina’s easy-going feminine elegance.  Julia’s at home style is typically starched oxford shirts with cardigans and simple earrings:

I like to think I can pull off Julia’s look because we have similar hair and (if I dropped 30 pounds and shrunk 5 inches) similar body types.  Haha.

Anyway, on a practical note, it’s not too hard or expensive to recreate Julia’s look.  My friends at Old Navy, Gap and Lands End have everything you need.  You just have to watch for the sales!

In recent episodes, Christina has been seen wearing this gorgeous top:

Sorry, this is the best picture I could get… I’m in love with the white eyelet.

I actually Googled “Christina Parenthood white lace top”, thinking I could maybe find someone’s similar take but low and behold I found the actual top!  Hold on tight to your yoga pants fellow real moms in Realville, this is a top priced for television:

$195!?!?!?! Holy way more than my weekly grocery budget!!!

That simply will not do!  I did a brief search around to see if I could find similar styles priced for we lowly folk in the real world.  I found this similar sweet top on modcloth:

It’s not the same pretty eyelet as Christina’s top, but it’s flowy and feminine and at $44.99, it might fit better in the Christmas or birthday budget (hint, hint, DAVE).

Anyway, in case you haven’t picked up on my overall point, it’s this:  don’t watch that show unless you like a little eye candy inspiration 😉

Or, if you are a much better, holier person than I am (and you probably are), just don’t watch it.  I gave you all the highlights anyway.

***And for a much more edifying read, check out Dwija’s recent post about the importance of not letting yourself go.***

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  1. Ha ha, I literally read this while Hulu was loading on another tab so I could watch Parenthood while eating my lunch. It's definitely my Wednesday thing, too, even though I spend the whole time thinking about how obnoxious they all are. You've pinpointed the appeal!

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