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Bear with my dark and blurry photos — it’s a point of pride for my husband that he actually got a higher grade in photography class in college than I did, considering that I was supposed to be an art major. In my defense, the sun rises on the other side of my house from my bedroom.

When we moved into this house last year, each bedroom featured a different shade of badly worn and stained plush carpeting. The one in our bedroom was forest green, with the same off-white flat painted walls and trim as the main living areas, though it was clear that underneath that the trim was a minty green, to coordinate with the carpet. (In our old master bedroom, I had to paint over lilac trim, which matched the purple walls, so this is apparently a thing.) I recently painted the walls a beigy gray…sort of.  I’m in a fight with Sherwin Williams over their enormous and expensive “samples” not actually matching with the full gallon. Twice. After I painted all the edges of the room with the sample. Anyway.

Wood floors were our first choice to replace the carpeting, but we had to go with a quick fix because the carpets were so gross, so we went with Berber-type white carpets in the bedrooms. Let’s break the rest down:

Pretty —

I love my Ikea pillows, a big splurge a few years ago which I have never ever regretted. I added the long accent pillow covered in gray striped linen after I made these shades:

I know they’re hard to see since they’re backlit, but they are DIY Roman shades (using this tutorial) made with decorator fabric on sale at JoAnn’s. It was surprisingly easy and I really love the result.

Paul bought me these lovely wooden jewelry boxes for Christmas a few years ago. They are actually handmade by inmates at the New Hampshire state prison in Concord. I think it’s great that the prisoners are able to learn skilled crafts and spend some of their time making beautiful things, and that we can support their rehabilitation by buying their creations.

Happy —

These pictures of me and Paul make me so happy. The big black and white one is our engagement photo, and the one tucked in the corner is one of our wedding photos, taken outside the Abbey Church at St. Anselm College just after our wedding, as the sun was going down. I love Paul’s smile (and, not gonna lie, my hair) in this picture.


This room is a work in progress, which is most obvious when it comes to the closet doors, which do not exist.Also real here is the fact that my children are constantly following me into my sanctuary and messing it up. Hence this next photo, of the security measures Paul felt he had to take to keep someone’s sticky fingers out of his stuff.

When I suggested he put a lock on this drawer because Ruthie kept opening it and pulling all his stuff out, I thought he’d put in one of the child safety latches we have all over the place, but he went for the big guns.

Blurry again, sorry! Both dressers in our bedroom are second-hand, this one from an estate sale in NY, and the other from a consignment store in NH. The chair is actually from my doctor’s office and it was f.r.e.e. He had two of these in his waiting room, and one day one of them disappeared and I actually asked them what had happened to it, because I’m weird like that. They told me one of the legs was broken, and that those chairs and a bunch of the other cool midcentury furniture in the office was from a retired doctor’s office and that my doctor had gotten all of it pretty much for free when he was setting up his practice. I decided it couldn’t hurt to tell them I’d love to take the other chair if they were ever going to get rid of it, and what do you know, a few months later they told me I could take it! It meant our dresser was moved off-center, but we still like how it looks, and I try to make sure it doesn’t just become a clothes depository.

It’s not the dream room, but I do like my little changes and pretty details, and I love keeping it clean and peaceful for myself and my husband.

11 thoughts on “Rose’s Bedroom Post

  1. I love the lamps on your nightstands! Are they a matching set? Where did you get them? I love the picture of Margot and Ruthie invading your space!! So funny and so real 🙂

  2. What a pretty room! I love it. Love the chair — good for you. Having a chair in the bedroom is really nice, although yes, a challenge to keep from being a clothes dump (I am definitely the offender in this regard).

    Just a great room!

  3. Yes, I got the lamps at Marshalls — they were a consolation prize after I didn't buy the Ralph Lauren lamps I saw there that were $50 apiece. Those were gorgeous! These are smaller but still nice and saved me $40.

  4. Your Ikea pillows are lovely. I saw some similar ones a while back and have been kicking myself for not just getting them!

    I also love your leather chair! It's awesome, don't get rid of it ever! 🙂

  5. Nice bedroom post. I really enjoyed reading this post. The IKEA pillow is nice looking and also those wooden jewelry boxes are very nice. Paul and you both are looking a great couple.

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