{phfr} Bedroom Edition

I was so excited to take on Auntie Leila’s challenge to “pretty up and clean out” my bedroom this week!  Back when I was nesting (and productive for the first time ever in my life), I read all of Auntie Leila’s posts about the reasonably clean home.  First of all, can I just say how much I love that phrase, reasonably clean home?  It’s so perfect.  I’m not the most meticulous housekeeper and I actually don’t feel comfortable and happy in super clean, super organized, super sterile environments.  I need a little comfy chaos!  But my relaxed attitude often gets the better of me and I find myself stressing out about the mountains of to-dos that I have let pile up. But reasonably clean?  I can do that!

Anyway, back to the genius of Auntie Leila.  In her reasonably clean house posts, she suggests to start cleaning projects in your bedroom.  I found myself very inspired by the idea of showing love for your husband and reverence for your marriage by not letting your bedroom become the armpit of your home.  Just that thought helps me to hop to it in the morning (most mornings) and simply make my bed!

So, thank you, Auntie Leila for your inspiration and for this challenge!  Here are snapshots of my pretty, happy, funny, real bedroom.


We don’t have a very big bedroom, but I love it.  I really don’t know what people do with cavernous HGTV-approved master suites!  Do they have parties to use their seating area and big screen tv?


I’m not happy with the side-by-side dresser situation but it’s necessary and it works. One day, I’ll have a nice bureau with a mirror. One day…

Motivated by the bedroom challenge, I finally made this (very necessary) earring organizer.  Can you believe I’ve had the materials and idea for this project since last winter and I just haven’t gotten around to it?  It was so easy, it took me 20 minutes.  The things I put off, it’s shameful!  I plan on making a necklace organizer next.


Dave and I had a thing for Barry White back when we were dating…………….

I know.

To forever memorialize that time (and to embarrass and confuse our kids when they’re older) Dave had this frame engraved with the lyrics from a classic Barry song.



I clearly have some more jewelery organizing to do!  We also desperately need to refinish this dresser.  More projects to put off, yay!

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16 thoughts on “{phfr} Bedroom Edition

  1. I like your earring organizer! I made one too but I like yours better. Your earrings are cute, too. 🙂

    My bedroom is pretty full with 3 kids sharing it with us. I'm not sure what people do with huge empty rooms, either.

  2. Your room looks very relaxing and inviting – I love that rug! And it took me over 3 years to hang a picture on our bedroom wall… got it done this week though!

  3. I love that earring organizer! Darling! I am so the girl who buys all the stuff for the cool Pinterest project and then stashes it in some closet for 6 months. Way to finish it! Pretty bedroom too. Very calming.

  4. Beautiful room! It looks so cozy and lovely. I can understand why you'd want to adjust the dresser situation, but actually I loved that picture and I think they look great next to each other. The bigger one in particular is beautiful.

    And GREAT idea bout the earrings. I will have to check back about what you do with your necklaces, because I'm currently in a quandary over mine.

  5. Hi! I saw your link at {p, h, f, r}. I was thrown off seeing another McSister photo. Didn't I just visit that link? Then I realized you were sisters on the same blog. Great idea!! Anyway, you have a lovely bedroom…so cozy and inviting. 🙂

  6. Your room is so pretty! I just saw your link from LMLD. I love the bed, the bed linens and the braided rug. Thanks for the earring organizer idea too! I have all this extra cotton lace from an ancient project, I was just thinking I should get rid of it, but hmmmm…

  7. I would *like* to make a little plank of decorative knobs to hang my necklaces on, but I have neither plank nor knobs! Of course, Anthropologie has the sweetest little knobs but it would take all of our retirement to buy 4 or 5!

  8. Your room is super pretty. I love your bedding! The matelesse, the pillow, the bedskirt… love.

    What if you switched the dressers' positions? I know you have a small room, but I might even put the big one diagonally in the corner, and the little one next to it… hand the super cute earring organizer over the little one. Just a thought 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining, and I love that you ladies share a blog. So happy to see sisters with such a lovely bond!

    • Thank you Auntie Leila! My sisters and mother and I all love your blog so it was very exciting for us to link up with you! I will definitely have to play around with the furniture in my room to figure out the best positions. Thank you for the suggestions and for reading our posts 🙂

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