Tastes of the Season: Autumn

Happy Halloween, all!  Welp, we made it to the 31st of October and there are still a few more mini candy bars left in our (originally) big BJ’s bag of candy.  Just enough for the 2 trick-or-treaters we will might get.  This is an accomplishment for the Johnsons!

Halloween candy falls into that category of “Edible & Seasonally Appropriate” along with these recipes I’m about to share.  I’m always looking for new recipes to try, especially if they are holiday or season specific.  I’m hoping that down the yellow brick road of family life, SK (and any little siblings she might have) will look forward to new seasons and upcoming holidays because of our family’s special traditions, and that includes food!  So without further a BOO (hahaha, lame preschool pun), here are several of my favorite recipes that capture the tastes of autumn!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I can’t remember where I originally got this recipe a few years ago, but when I went looking for a similar one on the internets I found this one and it’s exactly the same!  The wonderful Mrs. Rachael {Stamp} Juskuv hit the nail on the head when she described these cookies as “The taste of my childhood!”  Not because they taste like a McMahon childhood (no. no. no. pumpkin!?!?!), it’s because they taste very very very almost-identical to those delicious Carrot Barn cookies.  They’re amazing and they’re always a crowd pleaser and they’re very easy to make.

Autumn Chopped Salad

This salad is simply delicious.  Bring it along to a party or toss some grilled chicken in with the rest of the ingredients and you have dinner.  Dave loves this salad, and he hates salad!  Make sure you don’t substitute a different dressing for the one in the recipe.  The mixture of poppy seed and balsamic vinagrette is delicious and perfect for the variety of ingredients and flavors in this salad.

Apple Cider Pancakes

I’ve been wanting to make these pancakes for a while and I finally had all the ingredients and time (thanks to Sandy) to do so yesterday morning.  Folks, these pancakes are amazing! They’re perfect for a chilly, rainy Saturday morning in September and they help you use up some of your apple cider which would otherwise go bad.  The recipe calls for cinnamon sugar and butter on top instead of maple syrup, and boy is that a good call!  It takes the deliciousness and fall nostalgia to a whole new level!  As an aside, if you’re like me and you occasionally need buttermilk for random recipes but you never use up the whole quart before it goes bad (why don’t they sell buttermilk in pints??), do this:

You’re welcome.

Now, get cooking!

5 thoughts on “Tastes of the Season: Autumn

  1. Ellen, you are amazing! When are you going to start your own cooking blog? I see you as the New England version of Pioneer Woman.

    I am going to try the pumkin cookies in hopes that Jimmy will eat them since I seem to remember him liking the Carrot Barn cookies. The salad looks super yummy as do the pancakes. It all does!

  2. Ps. When I need buttermilk, I add one tablespoon of vinegar to 1 cup of milk and let it sit for 5 minutes. But I have frozen tomato paste in tablespoon portions.

  3. Yum, these all look delicious! I'm sure I can work those cookies into my life somewhere around all the leftover Halloween candy. Except I'll have to glaze them, because the glazed carrot cookies are the BEST.

  4. Yum, Ellen — I'd like to try all of them, especially those cookies!! The salad looks good, too. Maybe even a child or two will eat it??

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