Virtual 5K – Check!

I did it, I did it, I did it, hooray!  I completed the Catholic Exchange Virtual 5K and I’m still living to tell the tale!

Like Cari, I had to battle spooky New England fall weather on Saturday to git r done.  Fun fact, my run route passed this house, which is not only the oldest surviving timber frame house in North America, but also allegedly haunted!

What, this house? Haunted? What would make people think that?

Anywho, I didn’t notice any spirits or spookies, probably because I was too preoccupied with how flipping COLD I was for the first half of the 5K.  The second half I was just praying that the skies would refrain from opening up.  And they obligingly did not open up!  Upon returning to the house, Dave and our friend Pat had made a finish line for me and a sign to cheer me on.  They were very proud of both!  I’ll finish this lame, self-serving post with some pictures and a thank you to Cari and Catholic Exchange for giving me a goal to work towards, because I was too nervous to work towards a real 5K with other, better runners and the imaginary pressure that goes along with that.

Pat and “the sign”.

The finish line, lovingly made out of toilet paper and beach chairs.

Cheese. I’m sweaty.


7 thoughts on “Virtual 5K – Check!

  1. Congratulations, Ellen! Baba and I are very proud of you. What fun to have Dave and Pat at the finish line, but where was Cheerleader SK?

    • Hi Colleen! Actually, I live in Dedham, just a little southwest of Boston. I think if I lived in Salem, I would be too spooked to run around town alone! Where in MA do you live?

  2. So, it's nice they made you a sign, but aren't these the two that put a lot of time into making a huge, electric battleship drinking game? They need to step up to the plate. Next time (and there will be another 5k for Ellen, I'm sure) I'm expecting flashing lights and bells at the finish line.

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