Mouse in the House


What did I do to deserve this?

Ok, I know that there are far far worse things that could happen to me than having a little mouse in my house.  I have to remind myself of this repeatedly throughout the day when I start to hyperventilate thinking of that disgusting, dirty varmint scurrying around my kitchen at night leaving little poops on my kitchen table.

That’s right!!! On my kitchen table!!! How the heck did it get on my table??? It’s evil witchcraft I tell you.

When I saw the little poops on the table yesterday, I called Dave frantically at work and sputtered about “Mouse in the house… poop on table…going to die!!!!” Dave said, “Relax, we probably tracked the poop in from the mudroom, it’s not a big deal.”  !!!!!!!!  How does one track mouse poop onto the kitchen table?

On the upside, having a mouse in the house has made me really step it up in the cleaning department.  I’ve been keeping the floors, counters and table spotless and washing the dishes (no dishwasher; I’m number last!) right away so as to not give our little friend a reason to come out and scrounge.  Honestly, it’s taking a lot of humility just to admit that there was a mouse on my kitchen table because deep down inside me where doubts like to grow is a voice that’s telling me that it’s my fault that we have a mouse.  You are a bad at keeping house, Ellen.  The mouse is your punishment.  No, no, it couldn’t be because the house is over a hundred years old or (as Dave keeps telling me) mice just happen. The stupid thing is that these doubts keep me from actually buckling down and taking care of business, which in turn makes me doubt myself more.  I know that’s really the devil trying to get to me.  Poor mouse, I’m calling it the devil and really it’s helping me keep my house clean!

Anyway, in a roundabout way, this brings me to St. Anne; wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker extraordinaire.  It’s her feast day next week (July 26th) and I’m doing a novena to her to ask for help in my vocation.  There’s a part of the novena prayer that really applies to this situation with the mouse and with doubting myself: “Obtain for me the grace of never offending God, of fulfilling faithfully all the duties of my state of life, and of practicing all those virtues that are needful for my salvation.”

And please, St. Anne, help us get rid of the mouse!

*I’ll do Quick Takes tomorrow yous guys*

2 thoughts on “Mouse in the House

  1. Ha ha, where do I purchase that little dancing mouse?

    I'm sorry for your rodent sitch — I certainly can sympathize. We both need cats, apparently. I'm just pretty sure that I turn cats evil and can't take a chance on ending up with another Frank and all the attendant guilt…

  2. We went to an estate sale last week at an $839k Slingerlands mansion. Basement was sporting lots of (loaded and ready) mouse traps. Mice just happen. Of course, they'd better not happen here.

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