A Belated Fav Five

Hello, girls!  Sorry for my tardiness in posting about my favorite blogs — or writing any post, for that matter.  I’ve been busy reading the archives of some of blogs you’ve recommended, as well as googling “How to Get my Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Stop Nipping at my Children.”  It’s a busy life, I tell you.

No surprise here, but most of my frequent haunts were mentioned by you girls.  Are we related or something?  Here are a few of my other favorites, in no particular order:

1.  Testosterhome.  Rachel Balducci’s blog was one of the first I started following almost five years ago, and I think what first attracted me to her writing was her witty observations about her life as a mother, particularly one of many boys.  Here is a link to my absolute favorite post, one that makes me laugh out loud whenever I think of it.  I also think Rachel (she doesn’t mind being on a first name basis, right?) is very balanced when it comes to discussing our faith and our vocation as wives and mothers.  She’s encouraging without being judgmental, straight forward without being critical.   One of my favorite birthday gifts the year that I turned 30 was from Claire, who pre-ordered her book, How Do You Tuck in a Superhero? for me.  I’ve given the book to quite a few of my friends with boys to encourage them to laugh, too, when they find their children beating their grandfather’s truck with baseball bats.

2.  Another blog that I have read for years is Fly Through Our Window.  I really look forward to Darby’s posts, even though they’ve been few and far between this past year.  She posted last week for the first time in a few months, and I eagerly read her update about her family’s “temporary” life at the beach.  Maybe it’s her photography, her friendly demeanor or her love of God and her family, but she just seems like a nice person, someone who loves her life and takes joy in it.  Reading her makes me take notice of the little blessings in my life…and wish that I could photograph them as well as she!  I also enjoy reading the even less frequently updated blog of her twin sister, Erika Powell, who is a very talented designer.  When we go to Destin next week, I’m hoping to convince a few people to go to the Coastal Living Beach House in Rosemary Beach to see some of her work.  Don’t worry, I’ll bring a drool cup with me.

3.  Speaking of taking joy in life, I could list my favorite blogs without mentioning Tricia’s blog, Making it Feel like Home.  Isn’t that a great title?  I think her tagline is a perfect description of her focus in life:  “Making a Happy Home for Myself and my Family, 576 Miles Away from my Hometown.”  Besides the obvious connection as sisters-in-law, I’m trying to do the same for me and my family, in the same “strange” city, far away from my “other” home (1055 miles, to be exact!).  I think Tricia does a great job of making a pleasant life for Ryan and her children, especially with all the fun crafty projects she comes up with to entertain her kids on the 100+  degree days we’ve been having here!

4.  I also must give a shout-out to Shannon and her blog, Mommy Gone Primal.   Less than a year ago, Shannon decided to make a radical lifestyle change and started following The Primal Diet.  Her whole family is now living a very healthy,  low-carb, low sugar, lean meats, heavy-on-the-fruit-and-veggies-life, and Shannon has lost 80 pounds in the process.  Isn’t that incredible?!  I’m so impressed by her devotion and diligence and that her little girls are being taught to eat so well, too.  Shannon and Mike are cooking a Mexican dinner from scratch for the whole  extended family one night while we’re at the beach — no Old El Paso packets for them! — and I can’t wait to go primal myself, at least for one night!  Do you think there’s such thing as a primal margarita?

5.  Finally, I’m a big fan of Edie at Life in Grace.  She has a lovely home that was built after her other home was lost in a fire a few days before Christmas.  Despite such a tragic loss, she continued to praise God.  She sought out joy, and didn’t let the darkness overcome her.  I love her house, of course, and her sense of style and taste in music, but I also admire her strong faith and intellect.  She makes me want to read CS Lewis.  Repeatedly.

That’s it for me, for now at least!  I think I’m a 33-year-old with a 80-year-old’s mind when it comes to technology, by the way.  It’s taken me hours to figure out how to hyperlink/format/do whatever  to this post, and I think my first effort would be graded, at best, a C by our favorite editor-in-chief.  I’ll try writing again in a few months.  Maybe.

2 thoughts on “A Belated Fav Five

  1. Noooo keep up with it! I'll make you a primal margarita! Speaking of, I think margaritas are off the table for me for a while. I think tequila gives SK the runs.

  2. You slipped this in under the radar, Jane! Nice to finally hear from you! I am definitely going to check out Shannon's diet blog, that is amazing. Don't be a stranger!

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