Five favs from Claire

I like Ellen’s idea of listing our five fav blogs so here I am jumping on the bandwagon. (Procrastination from diaper changing? Possibly.)

I’ll start with my fifth favorite and work up to numero uno.

5) Young House Love. I do enjoy it. I’ll admit it. Is it because it’s a train wreck of color? Their peppy talk has drawn me in? I don’t know, darn it, but I continue to read it every day.

4) Suri’s Burn Book. Good for a snort or two every other day. I mean, on the day IT broke, this was on the blog:

Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. (Just mine though — everyone else is fair game.)

I will be vacationing in the Cayman Islands for the Independence Day holiday with my financier, and going over my plans to seek sole custody of myself.

3) Memories on Clover Lane. This lady is on my list of inspiring mothers and she got there after I read a post from her explaining that mothering takes up a lot of time so therefore, and without apology:

I don’t do much volunteering at my church or school.

YES! Neither do I. Granted, the time I don’t spend volunteering, I’m not using to make my house beautiful or thinking up awesome activities for my kids, but Clover Lane makes me think that’s possible.

2) Conversion Diary. Jen’s perspective on Catholicism is way different from a cradle Catholic’s. And not only is she coming at Catholicism as a convert, she’s coming at it as a convert from atheism. That often helps me make sense of my religious beliefs from a secular point of view. For example, this post has helped me a lot (especially during this pregnancy) because in incorporates a respect for new life from a Catholic point of view but also from a rational point of view. I’m explaining that badly, but Jen wrote a few things in that post that I think about daily.

I learned the hard way that what I think I want is often not the path to lasting happiness. Similarly, what think I need and what I actually need are two different things. And never has this been more true than with children.

1) I need to sit down. Duh. Who doesn’t love them some Simcha Fisher? In a previous incarnation of her blog (no longer available online) she explained how she came up with her blog title by thinking of things she says on a daily basis. Another possible title was “Why is this wet?”

This is a lady who wrote one of the most widely read essays on the Catholic interwebs and it was about pants. That’s talent, man. I’m jealous. I also frequently steal lines of hers. My favorite thus far that I fit into whatever conversation I can:

Welcome to NFP Club. The first rule of NFP Club is: You do not talk about NFP Club.

(Her parents are also very smart and funny, btw, as her Mom demonstrates here.)

But she’s not just laughs. This entry of hers is, by far, the best blog entry I’ve ever read in my entire life.

It is a long road.  But here is what I know:  as long as we still have breath in us, we are not dead, we are only sleeping.  We are not alone; we are waiting for Christ to arrive.

I go back and read that entry many times.

Looking forward to seeing Rose and Jane’s favorites!


4 thoughts on “Five favs from Claire

  1. I still read YHL too! I don't know of anyone who completely shares their sense of style but their how-tos and deal-findings are inspirational. Oh, and I live for their house crashings. I still dream about the house they crashed in Portland.

  2. I'm totally with you on Suri and Simcha. My friend works with author of Suri's blog and she is this little petite unassuming girl — which makes it that much more hilare. And if I ever met Simcha I would faint.

    Clover Lane stresses me out with her lists and crazy cleaning sprees — someday I'll get there — I hope (and I do zero volunteering)

    and I should start reading YHL again — they stressed me out too. I clearly have serious issues.

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