It’s Friday again!

How’d that happen? Oh well, here are some quick takes for you…

1. Sara Kate Johnson is here! Welcome to the world, McGrandbaby #9! Love and prayers to Ellen and Dave as they settle in and recuperate — enjoy Mimi this week!
2. Happy Easter! We stuck around here in NY and saw the usual Sunday dinner crew plus some special guests (Hello, Housers minus Meaghan in Hong Kong!) The weather has been beautiful and everything is blooming, so we got a nice springy Easter shot in front of the tulips.
3. Speaking of the tulips, something is eating ours, just snapping the tops right off, then apparently spitting them out a few feet away. My sources tell me this is the work of a deer. Fantastic. This brings me to:
4. The garden! Paul built our garden box and now it’s time to start planting things, but clearly there will be deer to deal with, along with the bunnies, squirrels, and crows that abound in our suburban wilderness. And I thought my black thumb was enough to doom this whole project!
5. We’re very excited because our backyard neighbor has offered us his swing set, since he’ll be moving sometime soon. For now Margot is allowed to play on this coveted “girl’s swings and slide” anytime she wants. She’s been eying it and sidling off towards it every time we’re in the yard since we moved in, and now that she has the all-clear it’s hard to keep her away.
6. Meanwhile, Ruthie girl is all over the place, crawling like a champ, pulling herself up on furniture, and climbing things. She tries to dive head-first into the toilet and the tub, and let me tell you she has a strong grip! She’s a lot stronger, steadier, and more adventurous than her big sister was at this age (Margot didn’t even crawl till over 10 months and Ruthie has been scooting around since 8 months).
7. Ruthie needs fuel for all this new activity, and she prefers self-feeding to spoon-feeding. This idea turned out to be an awesome way to get her to eat yogurt — I highly recommend it!

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